TENNIS 101 - specializing in high quality private and group tennis instruction for adults and children in Orange County, California
The Aliso Viejo Community Association (AVCA) Tennis Program was introduced in 1995 as one of the first
recreation programs offered in Aliso Viejo. Since then, every Saturday, year-round, it has provided high quality
group tennis programming offering Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced lessons for adults and children. The
lessons are held every Saturday at Ridgecrest Park in Aliso Viejo, and conducted by USPTA certified tennis
Greg Langdon and his staff.

Fast Facts:
    8:00 AM:  Intermediate Children's Group (ages 5-9)
    9:00 AM:  Advanced Adult's Group (11/2 hours)
    - Click Here for registration for Advanced Adults group only
    10:30 AM:  Intermediate Adult's Group
    11:30 AM:  Beginning Adult's Group
    11:00 AM:  Beginning Children's Group (ages 4-9)
    12 Noon:  Beginning Children's Group (ages 10-16)
    1:00 PM: Intermediate Children's Group (ages 10-16)

  • Session Length: 8 weeks
  • Lesson Length: 1 hour (Adv. Adult and Adv. Children classes are 1.5 hr)
  • Schedule:
  • Cost: (must be paid in full prior to first class)
    Aliso Viejo Residents: $160
    Non-residents: $170
  • Registration and Payment:
    Online - Click Here     

    Note:  All returning students must re-register online prior to new session.

  • Late Registration: We accept new students into the program up to the second week of the session - a full
    review of the first lesson is done at the beginning of the second week. We can offer a prorated discount.
  • Deadline: Sign-up deadline is 12 hours prior to first lesson of new session.
  • Liability Waiver: must be signed and submitted prior to first class. Click Here to print Liability Waiver
  • What to wear: Proper tennis attire is preferred, however, cool, comfortable casual clothing is acceptable.
    Tennis specific (court) shoes with non-marking soles are mandatory. No jeans allowed.
  • What to bring: One unopened can of tennis balls (now included in registration fee)
  • Weather/Cancellation Policy:  Click Here to view weather and cancellation policy.
  • Gift Certificates:  Click Here to give the gift of tennis to a friend, relative, or co-worker.

Description of Programming:  (What level player am I? Click here for description of NTRP ratings)
  • Beginning Adult's - 11:30 AM: (NTRP Rating: 1.5 - 3.5) This group is for adults, and children (ages 13 -
    18), who are new to the sport of tennis,  students who have taken some minimal private or group
    instruction, or former players returning after some time away from the game (seeking a refresher course on
    the fundamentals). Each session (8 weeks) provides a step-by-step introduction (or review) that focuses on
    developing and maintaining excellent form and technique for the groundstrokes, serve, and volley.  It
    emphasizes the development of good stroke formation for the forehand and backhand groundstrokes via
    repetitive drills that develop the brain and muscle memory necessary for consistency, plus a series of
    running drills that teaches a student how to move properly on the tennis court. In a relatively short period of
    time, each student should be able to execute groundstrokes with good form, good technique and good
    consistency to the extent that they should be able to rally with the instructor, and each other. The volley,
    and the serve are also introduced.

  • Intermediate Adult's - 10:30 AM: (NTRP Rating: 3.5 - 4.5) This group is for graduates of the Beginning
    Adults and Children's classes, for players who have previously taken 1-2 years of private or group lessons,
    or former competitive players with solid fundamental skills returning to the game after 3 or more years away
    from it. This class will focus on the progressive development of the groundstrokes with an emphasis placed
    on accuracy and control, and the development of more power and top spin. The volley will be worked on in
    volleys. The serve, (including return of serve, the return of the return, and overhead smashes) will be
    developed to attain greater consistency, power, and accuracy. Singles and doubles match play will also be

  • Advanced Adult's - 9:00 AM (11/2 hours in length): (NTRP Rating: 4.5 - 6.0) This group is for
    graduates of the Intermediate Adults class, for players with substantial backgrounds in competitive tennis
    (high school, college, or organized tournament play), or for students who have previously had more than 2
    years of private lessons or 3-4 years of group lessons - at a minimum all students must have solid technical
    skills (good form and footwork) and be able to demonstrate consistency in all shot-making. Each session (8
    weeks) focuses on specific drills associated with each of the three main strokes in the sport (groundstrokes,
    serve, and volley), with an additional session for Doubles Strategy. The drills are game situational for
    singles or doubles which demands a good level of fitness. It enables the student to master more complex
    shot selection, and strategic play in a simulated competitive environment. At the conclusion of each lesson,
    court space is available for 1-11/2 hours singles and doubles play. The final lesson of each session is a
    doubles or singles tournament.

  • Beginning Children's - 11 AM (for Children ages 4-9), 12 Noon (for Children ages 10-16): This
    group is for children with no tennis experience or some previous exposure to the sport through group,
    private or summer camp lessons.  In this session (8 weeks), the focus will be on developing a solid
    foundation in stroke formation to provide the child with the requisite skills to progress rapidly.  Through a
    variety of racquet and foot work drills for the groundstrokes, serve, and volley, students will develop the
    positive habits necessary to hit the ball correctly and consistently, with good form and good technique, in
    an active, yet disciplined progressive learning method. This class will also include an introduction to the
    volley and the serve, plus stretching and strengthening drills, some running  drills, and hand-eye
    coordination games.

  • Intermediate Children's - 8:00 AM (for Children ages 5 - 9), 1:00 PM (for Children ages 10-16):
    These groups are for children  who are graduates of the Beginning Children's group, or those who have
    taken private lessons to develop a comparable skill level. This group continues their development of the
    fundamentals of the groundstrokes, volley and serve, and introduces new and more challenging drills
    associated with each stroke. A substantial amount of time is also dedicated to learning about match play,
    etiquette, and other protocols associated with the game, both for singles and doubles. Each session mirrors
    the content of the Intermediate and Advanced Adults session as preparation for advancement to those

  • Private or Semi-Private Lessons: Please call (949) 830-1414
TENNIS 101 - specializing in high quality private and group tennis instruction for adults and children in Orange County, California
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