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Kevin Roche (left)
and John LaFleur
Rusty & Rachel Marsh
Left to right, Kevin Roche, Per
Ericksson, Suji Somasundaram
Elena & John Bennett,
with Greg
John Craig, with budding chef
and tennis star, Ian DeBarro
Sharla Marrochi (left) with
Greg, and Catherine Markel
Niran ('the Nerd')
L-R, Sharla, Doug, Kathy,
Christina & Jesus Mantas
Alicia Hormaza, and Greg
The appetizers are nearly ready
Here they are!
John Craig with wife, Sharlin,
and their -4 month old
The food is yummy! Dede
(left)  with Halle Jacobs
Tracy Chrisman, and Paul
Sheridah Bennett,
and Franco Rodriguez
The beginning of the tribute
speech for Kathy Orr
Jordyn Korn, Sharlin & John
Craig, & Catherine Markel
Greg and Kathy - her farewell
Student Appreciation Party - June 3, 2006