The TENNIS INTENSIVES program is for juniors (11 years-old and up) who have completed the Beginning and
Intermediate levels of our group lesson program, and are looking to advance their competitive skills. All have
developed a substantial repertoire of strokes and are hitting the ball harder and more consistently. We reserve
the right to invite students under the age of 11 to participate in the program.

What level is my child?
There are a three TENNIS INTENSIVES groups: TI 202, TI 303, TI 404. If your child is new to the game, does not
have a lot of experience on the tennis court, has had a limited number of private or group lessons, or this is their
TENNIS INTENSIVE program, then TI 202 is probably the right choice. For players, who have had some
experience on the tennis court, have previously taken private or group tennis lessons or attended summer tennis
camp, we recommend TI 303. For experienced juniors, players who have taken over 3 years of private/and/or
group tennis lessons, high school varsity, advanced - competitive juniors, or tournament level players TI 404 is
most likely the group for you. We reserve the right to move a student up or down, depending on their skill level.
For a detailed description of skill prerequisites, please
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Do you accept students from other programs?
Yes! We do accept outside students if they have had a minimum of 12 months group instruction, or 6 months
private instruction, have played some level of competitive tennis, or are able to demonstrate good technical skills
and a satisfactory level of consistency.

Can you prorate the session fees?
Sorry, but due to the limited size of the classes, it is not possible to prorate the fees. However, if a conflict arises
(e.g. a tournament, we will do our best to accommodate the student in either an earlier class or a later class (on a
space available basis) or have them participate in one of our group programs (Intermediate Adult or Advanced

What is the lesson cancellation policy?
For all group lessons, except for weather, there are no make-up classes. Attendance is expected at every
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Tennis Intensives - FAQ