Rain - it's the only element that we stop for!
General Rule of Thumb: If it is currently raining in the general vicinity of the tennis courts, or within the hour before
the scheduled lesson, it is most likely that the lesson will be cancelled. However, if it is not raining, or if rain has
ceased within 1-2 hours or more of the scheduled lesson, or if it is windy or sunny after the rain has stopped, there
is a good chance that the lesson will be held.
If there is any doubt, it is the student's responsibility to show
up or call (949) 280-2291 in advance to confirm!

If during the first half of a private lesson, it begins to rain to the extent that  the lesson must stop, there is no charge
for that lesson, and all efforts will be made to reschedule the lesson at the soonest possible time. If it begins to rain
during the second half of a private lesson, there is a
full charge for that lesson, but all efforts will be made to make
up lost time at the next lesson.

Group lessons:
If all Saturday group classes are cancelled due to rain, classes will be held the following week, and the session
schedule will be pushed back by one week. However, if two or more classes have been conducted when it begins to
rain, there will be no makeup class, but students may receive credit for the lost class in the next session if lost time
has not been recuperated prior to the next session. We reserve the right to reschedule classes for later the same
day if early morning classes are rained out.  
Private Lessons:
Twenty four hours notice is required for all lesson cancellations. There is a full charge for any lesson cancelled
within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson time.
All cancellations must be emailed - phone or text cancellations can no
longer be accepted
. Sorry, but there are no exceptions!

Group Lessons:
There are no make-ups for lessons missed for any reason other than rain. Due to the sequential nature of the
program and the importance of the progressive learning method, students are highly encouraged to attend every
lesson, or arrange for a private or semi-private make-up lesson prior to the next group class.
Weather/Cancellation Policy
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Weather/Cancellation/Make-up/Refund Policy
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